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Proroutes offers intelligent truck routing and business management software that takes advantage of the latest in IoT connected devices and cloud technologies.


Our Leadership Team
“Technology is ONLY as good as the problems it solves for our customers.“

V.P. Engineering

Matthew Wood

Matt has been a hardware designer and developer for more than 20 years. From networking and security to home automation, Matt successfully created and brought to market many products.
“When you REALLY take care of your customers, all you need is word of mouth.“

V.P. Sales & MKTG

Michael Harbuck

Mike has been in sales and marketing for couple of decades. He has always put customers first and works everyday on improving the overall customer experience.
“I serve at the pleasure of our customers.“

Founder & CEO

Abdel Aitroua

Abdel has been in enterprise software development since college solving complex business challenges using software. He founded and sold many successful startups.

“I succeed IF AND ONLY IF my customers succeed. “

V.P. Client Success

Maria Cole

Maria has been in customer service since her first job. she excels in taking out the pain out of software adoption, and makes onboarding new customer fun!


We simply Get It

We built this software with customer input from day one. We don’t just understand the tech, we really understand the job.

RR Grease Busters


Proroutes software made my life easy. I don’t have to manually write hundreds of checks each month. The system just magically generates them for me 🙂

Double R Grease


I love how the system keeps all our data updated and in one place. When I get a call from any of my customers , I just go to the system and do a quick search. In a split second I have all their history for pick ups, payments, and even contract information. Not to mention the hands free smart systems with smart reporting, they are a blessing.

Buffalo Wild Wings


We have had several [Hands free systems] install. Love the look of both styles. 100% met our needs: Safety. Cleanliness. Monitoring.

Sonic Drive Inn


Wanted it indoor and we did not have a lot of room. They designed a system perfectly for me to meet my needs. Easy to operate, very clean and safe.


Our History

We are not new and we are here to stay. We have been servicing this industry for more than ten years. We have accompanied drivers throughout their routes, replaced valves, installed plumbing in kitchens, and even answered phones at our customer locations. We needed to do what you do and understand your customers to bring you value.



First Application

We started with a mountain of paper documents, excel sheets, and few prototypes to create the first software. We created a system that was able to store and manage information about locations, employees, routes, and all picked up grease amounts.



System overhaul

With a new wave of technologies and tech industry standard changes we had to adapt or get left behind. We did a complete re-write of our entire software with many upgrades. We introduced location grouping, smart routes, driver logins and much more.



Hardware debut

We installed the first telemetry equipment at a Buffalo Wild Wings. We deployed multiple API’s to handle all the smart tank reporting and connected each device to its owner on our system. We created an app for drivers to input route information and also serve as a driver log tracking clock-in, breaks, and GPS location.


Customers First

Free Customizations

We started to expand our customer base and offer free customizations. We deployed a payment system in our software that makes it easier for you to pay your locations. We added custom reports and dashboards, and Installed our first new version 7 of our telemetry hardware at multiple Freddy’s restaurants with state of the art kitchen display units.


Our Process

We strive to make the onboarding process as painless as possible. We work with you from day one to define your unique requirements. We don’t offer a one solution fits all, we deliver a customized solution that fits you and only you.

01. Discovery

We take time to get to know each other. We find out how you do what you do everyday and we figure out what you need simplified, automated, or eliminated.

02. Test Run

We offer you our application to try for an agreeable amount of time while we work on the customizations that fits your needs. Our team is in contact with your team the whole time answering questions, offering support and collecting data.

03. Launch

By this time you have tried our software, approved the customizations, and received plenty of training. We are ready to Rock & Roll with three months to make additional customizations or undo previous ones.

Our customer is always right

We are Learning

From a napkin concept to a full fledged enterprise software, we did it with our customers in mind. We involved a select number of customers to guid our applications into solving your most challenging business needs. With three API’s , apps, and custom hardware designs we are continuing to serve our customers need no matter what it takes.

2,345,600 Generated Routes

$1,923,100 Processed Payments

3,598,900 Telemetry & GPS Datasets